Ozzy makes you believe you can do anything! My day is 100% better when I start it off with an Ozfit workout!
— Megan LeBlanc, Glen Rock NJ

If you’re looking for someone to believe in you more than you believe in yourself, Ozzy is that person. From day one he could see the best, most athletic version of me. After a few months with Ozzy I started to see that person too.
— Erin C., Ridgewood NJ

Make no mistake, Ozzy is the real deal. He is incredibly knowledgeable and has a motivational style that was made to push you beyond your mental and physical limits. There’s no question that Ozzy knows exactly how to train you to get the most out of your body. He is the perfect mix of tough and encouraging, and can help anyone, regardless of their fitness level. A true gentleman, funny and unique, his classes continue to inspire me to do better each time.
— Jenn Jones, Glen Rock NJ

What can I say about Ozzy? He is an awesome coach! He cares about all of us; not only about making us better physically, but mentally as well. I have become a much stronger and healthier person because of him. He is changing my life one session at a time.
— Erin Kemeys, Glen Rock NJ

Ozzy workouts are like no other...a full hour of high intensity...I am always satisfied after Ozfit Prime or Strikefit...never disappointed!
— Kim Manziano, Paramus NJ

I have belonged to several gyms and trained under many trainers throughout the years, but none compare to Ozfit or Ozzy. His knowledge in fitness is unparalleled. He inspires me every day to push through my limits and go the extra step. If you’re looking for results, come try Ozfit. It is my healthy addiction!
— Michelle Reynolds, Wyckoff nj

I’ve learned so much while training with Ozzy, but most importantly, I’ve learned to never set limits on what I hope to achieve. The goals Ozzy sets for his clients are limitless; based on his experience as a professional athlete; and he openly and freely shares that knowledge and expertise with all of his members. People are naturally drawn to Ozzy because he makes everyone feel very connected and a part of his Ozfit family. From the first day Ozzy sees all the possibilities in his clients, and he makes the road back a less scary and daunting one. He builds your strength and confidence, and he pushes you to see what he sees, which is the opportunity to be amazing. Thank you, Ozzy. From all of us who are better because of you.
— Holly Murphy, Glen Rock NJ

Because of you, Ozzy, I am not giving up! You are the only one coach who truly inspires me to push through my limiting beliefs about what my body is capable of!
— Ksenia K., Ridgewood NJ

Every workout I have with you makes me hungry for more!!! You have pushed me to be a stronger person, physically and mentally. There is no other choice than to “JUST DO IT”!! When I think I have nothing left, you have made me dig deep inside to find more. When I feel like I cannot fight anymore, you have pushed me to win. OZFit is my healthy addiction. To all those who want a challenge, just try it. I PROMISE you, too, will want and crave more!
— Lisa B., Waldwick NJ

You have brought challenge and you have brought change! You inspire me to push just a little harder each time and that is what makes the difference. I’m hooked!
— Margie M., Paramus NJ

Beyond fitness and MMA... Beyond the drill, beyond the technique. As Ozzy Dugulubgov’s student I have grown mentally and physically from his MMA and fitness training. He puts forth an immense effort towards his students. Ozzy’s teaching techniques encompass guidance, pushing his students forward, and helping you climb higher. The cardio, the muscle training, and the self defense is top grade fitness. Ozzy doesn’t just teach the class he gets involved. He earns my highest recommendation for anyone looking for fitness and MMA training.
— Pablo B., Hasbrouck Heights NJ

Always motivating and encouraging, Ozzy is one of the best trainers/instructors I have ever worked with. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a good challenge.
— Karen M., Paramus NJ

Ozzy is the best and he brings out the best in everyone he encounters. He has helped me achieve results and I leave every workout totally spent and completely psyched for the next time. If you want to work with a trainer that truly cares about helping you achieve your best, Ozzy is the man.
— Heidi R, Glen Rock

My family and I have been training with Ozzy, Ash and the Ozfit MMA team for many years.
Ozzy and his team are professional, on-time, always engaged and motivating.
Each session is unique, and the variety of classes and private sessions keeps me coming back for more.
Wether you’re looking to get off the couch and get in shape, or are an athlete in peak condition looking to achieve specific performance goals.
Ozzy and his team are the right choice.
— John B., Upper Saddle River NJ

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