Kids Fitness Programs in Bergen County NJ

The Youth fitness classes and Martial Arts provide our youth with the necessary foundation of strength and mobility to perform to the best of their ability in whatever sport they choose.

In addition to the physical benefits of this program, the mental aspects such as increased self-esteem, well-being, and teamwork equip our youth with the most fundamental life skills they can apply on and off the field.

Martial Arts Classes For Kids in Bergen County, NJ

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At OzFit, we are dedicated to improving our students physical fitness and well-being, as we pave new roads in this rapidly changing and exciting industry. But know this; what makes OzFit unique is that at our core we believe in a system of training that concentrates on inner development before the physical development and gains take place.

We advocate and demonstrate the importance of meditation, character development, and self improvement. We teach our students the importance of being centered, and the ability to remain calm under stress, which enables our students to strengthen their good habits and break bad ones. Once there is a better understanding of how to harness and navigate our inner strength, the rewards are so much more than physical. It’s easy to strengthen the body; we want to help our youth build their confidence and inner strength as well.

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1 class - $15

10 pack - $120 (Save $30)

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